$7500 FishMarket

iPad minis added to $7500 Fishmarket

$7,500 FishMarket
20.02.2014 at 19:00 CET

Make your first deposit at RedKings.com and get a FREE $10+1 entry to this $5,000 Tournament with $2,500 added prizes

  • Finish in the top 6-30 and claim a FREE RedKings.com T-Shirt
  • Finish in the top 5 and claim a FREE RedKings.com Cap
  1. Worst Bad Beat - Send us the hand that knocked you out and the player with the biggest bad beat wins an iPad Mini*
  2. Player goes out on the bubble - wins an iPad mini*
  3. Bounty on RK_Bounty - wins an iPad mini *

Tickets will be issued from 1st January for all players who made their first deposit on 1st January to 20th February right up until 1 hour before the tournament starts.**

Other players buy-in for $10+1

RedKings.com guarantees the Fish - You guarantee the action!

It will be like shooting Fish in a barrel!
With RedKings.com you always win!

New! If you introduce a new depositor to RedKings.com during August/September, you will also receive a ticket to the Fishmarket tournament. Just send your friends player ID or Username to support@poker.redkings.com and if eligible, they will add a ticket to your account.

*The player can choose an alternative for the iPad mini prize of $200 in Tournament tickets.
*If for any reason we cannot deliver the iPad mini the player can get compensation of maximum $300 in Tournament tickets.
*Shipping – If you win one of the iPad mini we will send you a code and the method of shipping so you can track the shipment of your iPad mini. RedKings.com will not be responsible if the item does not reach you.
*All prizes must be claimed by sending an email to: play@poker.redkings.com within 7 days. Please supply Full postal address, telephone number and Size of T shirt.
**Please note – Players must earn 30 pp before making any withdrawal