RedKings On The Go

June 3rd – 10th

RedKings On The Go – The new, fast Mobile tournaments from RedKings

Starting 3rd June, RedKings offers you 8 days of fun and fast tournaments

There are a total of 21 tournaments with guaranteed prizes.

Each tournament has just 2 minutes blinds levels so you will always have time to play them.

Päivämäärä Aika BST Nimi Buy in Formaatti Taattu
03/06/201816:00RedKings On The Go #1€3.30NLH 2R€50
03/06/201818:45RedKings On The Go #2€11NLH 2R€200
03/06/201820:15RedKings On The Go #3€5.50NLH 2R€100
04/06/201818:15RedKings On The Go #4€3.30NLH 2R€50
04/06/201820:15RedKings On The Go #5€5.50NLH 2R€100
05/06/201817:15RedKings On The Go #6€3.30NLH 2R€50
05/06/201819:00RedKings On The Go #7€5.50NLH 2R€100
05/06/201821:15RedKings On The Go #8€3.30NLH 2R€50
06/06/201817:15RedKings On The Go #9€3.30NLH 2R€50
06/06/201819:00RedKings On The Go #10€5.50NLH 2R€100
06/06/201821:15RedKings On The Go #11€11NLH 2R€200
07/06/201818:15RedKings On The Go #12€3.30NLH 2R€50
07/06/201820:15RedKings On The Go #13€5.50NLH 2R€100
08/06/201817:15RedKings On The Go #14€3.30NLH 2R€50
08/06/201819:00RedKings On The Go #15€3.30NLH 2R€50
08/06/201821:15RedKings On The Go #16€11NLH 2R€200
09/06/201819:15RedKings On The Go #17€3.30NLH 2R€50
09/06/201821:15RedKings On The Go #18€5.50NLH 2R€100
10/06/201816:00RedKings On The Go #19€3.30NLH 2R€50
10/06/201818:45RedKings On The Go #20€11NLH 2R€200
10/06/201820:15RedKings On The Go #21€5.50NLH 2R€100

Pocket RedKings Feature:

For each hand that you win with Pocket Red Kings we will give you 10 Spins to the Casino Slot game called Bicicleta

FishParty Feature:

Play at least 7 "RedKings On The Go" tournaments and get a €5 FishParty Progressive Jackpot Sit N Go ticket

Play at least 15 "RedKings On The Go" tournaments and get one more €5 FishParty Progressive Jackpot Sit N Go ticket


  1. The promotion runs from June 3rd 2018 until June 10th 2018.
  2. Kaikki ajat ovat BST-aikoja.
  3. The "RedKings On The Go" tournaments can be found under Tournaments > Special tab.
  4. The "RedKings On The Go" tournaments will be Super Turbo (2 minutes blinds levels and 500 starting chips), NLH format and maximum 2 Rebuys. The Rebuys will have the same fees as the buy-ins
  5. The 10 Spins for winning a hand with Pocket Red Kings must be claimed by email to play(at) with subject line "10 Free Spins" with the username and the Hand ID. on the body of the email
  6. A player can claim the 10 Spins feature for every Pocket Red Kings winning hand he gets on any of the "RedKings On The Go" tournaments
  7. The 10 Spins are given in CasinoRedkings for the game Bicicleta and they are valid for 7 days.
  8. The Casino Spins are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash and no alternative prizes are given.
  9. Any amount won from the Casino Spins is added as bonus in your Casinoredkings account and it has x60 standard wagering requirements with a maximum cashout of 100GBP/EUR.
  10. General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Policy of Casinoredkings apply to this Casino Spins feature.
  11. The €5 FishParty ticket(s) for playing at least 7 / 15 tournaments "RedKings On The Go" must be claimed by email to play(at) with subject line "€5 FishParty ticket" and the username on the body of the email.
  12. A player can get maximum 2 x €5 FishParty Sit N Go tickets (one after playing 7 "RedKings On The Go" tournaments and the second one after playing 15 "RedKings On The Go" tournaments).
  13. The FishParty tickets are not transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash and no alternative prizes are given.
  14. The rewards for the Pocket RedKings Feature and the FishParty Feature will be credited in maximum 48 hours after being claimed.
  15. Pidätämme oikeuden perua tai muuttaa mitä tahansa koko verkon turnausta milloin tahansa.
  16. Et voi luoda eikä sinulla voi olla enempää kuin yksi tili RedKingsillä. Jos teet niin, kaikki palkintosi mitätöidään ja kaikki pelitilisi saatetaan sulkea.
  17. Jos osallistut kolluusioon tai käyttäydy muuten epäeettisesti milloin tahansa, kaikki palkintosi mitätöidään ja pelitilisi saatetaan sulkea.
  18. Pidätämme oikeuden peruuttaa kampanjan milloin tahansa.
  19. Näiden sääntöjen lisäksi kaikki normaalit verkon säännöt ja RedKingsin säännöt ja ehdot ovat myös voimassa.